Topic Modeling and the evolution of economics as a science - New paper by Despina

Applying topicmodeling to a corpus of economic journals can reveal a lot about what economists talk (or write) about and how they select and link the prevailing subjects in the scientific debate. Our original application ... Read more

Data Science and Economics: Algorithms, Data, and New Research Questions on Prediction and Causality

On June 28th Despina will host a workshop on DATA SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS organized by the University of Torino and University of Milano Bicocca and co-chaired by Marco Guerzoni and Chiara Binelli. Researchers from different ... Read more

Technological adoption in Smart Mobility - New paper by Despina Fellow

Marco Guerzoni is author with Grazia Cecere and Nicoletta Corrocher of the paper "Price or performance? A probabilistic choice analysis of the intention to buy electric vehicles in European countries" recently published on Energy Policy ... Read more

Artficial Intelligence and Economic Growth: Vision and Business Solutons by INTEL

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us – we encounter it in our daily tasks such as talk-to-text and photo tagging, and see it contributing to cutting-edge innovations such as precision medicine, injury prediction and ... Read more

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