Marketing and Risk Analytics in financial services

The project is supporting a major financial institution with a Big Data strategy aimed at two main objectives:

  1. Develop and test marketing models, competition and risk analytics, as predictive and optimization tools for the company's strategic decisions.
  2. Develop a management model that integrates the information generated by advanced analytics in decision making.

In relation to the models of Marketing and Risk Analysis project objectives is achieved through the following actions:

  • Survey of existing algorithms of advanced analytics and assessment of their applicability in the context of business intelligence.
  • Identification, collection and cataloging of the scientific literature and best practices in the areas of marketing and risk management.
  • Performance evaluation of distribution in relation to the characteristics of the territory (eg. population density and income levels).
  • Descriptive analysis of customer migration risk towards substitute products or alternatives offered by competitors in the sector.
  • Geolocation of customers and distributors and analysis of spatial autocorrelation of the two phenomena.
  • Natural clustering to highlight any behavior not detectable through the systems normally in use.
  • Estimated potential demand.

Competition analysis and detection of market positioning of competing services and products. A practical application of these models will be oriented to analyze in more detail the type and behavior of service subscribers according to socio-demographic and consumer behavior.

Massimiliano Nuccio

Project Team: 
Vittorio Carlei, Stefano Terzi, Marco Guerzoni


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Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica "Cognetti de Martiis"