Retail Electricity Market Simulator and Data Analysis

The project aims at realizing an agent-based  simulation of the electricity retail market in order to enable policy analysis that take into account the representation of regulatory components (DSO), technical components (distribution grids), consumer behavior(s), and retailers strategies. The model will encompass heterogeneity (e.g. consumers’ profiles and behaviors), explicit interaction among agents (e.g. supply-demand, DSO-retailers, social networks) and grid modelling (e.g. expansion, congestion, flexibility, management options). The model generates a datastream at a high complexity level, which challenge standard econometrics' techniques and requires advanced algorithms.

Magda Fontana

Project Team: 
Team Martina Iori, Pietro Terna, Ettore Bompard
Institute for Energy and Transport (JRC-IET), Joint Research Centre, and Politecnico di Torino


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Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica "Cognetti de Martiis"