Climate change attribution with neural networks - New paper by Despina fellow

Paolo Racca, Junior Despina Fellow has co-authored the paper "Attribution of recent temperature behaviour reassessed by a neural-network method" freshly published in Scientific Reports with Prof. Antonello Pasini (National Research Council of Rome), Prof. Claudio Cassardo (University of Turin), Stefano Amendola and Giorgio Cartocci (Roma Tre University). Their work took a data-driven, non-dynamical approach, based on Neural Networks, to assess the role of human and natural causes in the recent climate change. Their work adds to the literature showing the role of anthropogenic forcings in driving recent climate change. Moreover, new results are obtained about the role of the Sun in the first increase of temperature detected after immediately 1910 and about the role of sulphate dust emissions on a climatic oscillation in the Atlantic ocean. From a broader perspective, this approach further underlines that, especially when dealing with complex systems, methodological pluralism can represent a safe strategy and add robustness to scientific findings.


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