Collaboration agreement with the University of Ljubljana

Despina is proud to announce a collaboration agreement with the Centre of Methodology and Informatics of the University of Ljubljana directed by professor Gregor Petrič.

The centre has been established over 20 years ago and has pioneered research in network analysis and its multiple application to social sciences. The agreement includes the development of joint research projects on data analytics; participation to a H2020 call in 2017; PhD students exchange and faculty short-term visiting.

In particular, Despina fellows will have the honour and opportunity to work with the Slovenian mathematicians Anuška Ferligoj and Vladimir Batagelj, whose studies in network analysis is internationally recognised and appreciated.

Anuška is professor of multivariate statistical methods and fellow of the European Academy of Sociology. Among her over 200 publications, it is worth to quote the book Generalized blockmodeling with Doreian, P. and  Batagelj, V., & Ferligoj, A. (2005), Cambridge university press.

Vlado is professor of discrete and computational mathematics and together with Andrej Mrvar since 1996 he has been developing, Pajek one of the first and most successful free software for analysis and visualization of large networks (

The collaboration between Despina and the Centre of Methodology and Informatics has begun in a workshop organised by Massimiliano Nuccio and Marco Guerzoni at the University of Ljubljana in february 2016.

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